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We’ve received numerous requests from our readers seeking subscriptions
to ensure they receive their preferred titles promptly. After
considering various options, we’ve decided to utilize Patreon as the
platform for managing subscriptions. We’re excited to announce that
we’re kicking off this process with our sample page. Your support has
been instrumental in making this happen, and we’re grateful for it.
Here’s to an exciting new chapter ahead!  Cheers!

The Adelaide Comic Book Exhibition


If you’re in Adelaide and the dates align, be sure to check out “The Adelaide Comic Book Exhibition.” You’ll have the chance to see the fantastic comics “Ric McClune Second Fastest Gun in the West” included in the exhibition. This event is presented by the incredible Stuart Blair. Don’t forget to take photos and send them to us. Enjoy!

As most people know, I love westerns. Like many of us here, comics are a great introduction to such an amazing genre. Our first comic came out in 2018 and was unexpectedly successful, driving me to continue the ongoing series. Now, we have a team of many creatives—writers, artists, and all the necessary help—to get these comics out into the wild. The crew is growing, and we are all enjoying the ride. What a fantastic hobby this is.
We are now working on many future issues including this…
Ric McClune: Second Fastest Gun in the West #9. This is a three issue story arc.

Story: Rob Lisle “Ric McClune and the Madame of Mayhem”
Art: Dragon Vignjevic
Letters: Eli Abidin
Colours: To be announced.

If interested will place up more up and coming issues soon?
NOTE: PM if interested in joining our crew all welcome!


Step into the world of Toby’s cat, GRIT, in his very own comic series. Embark on thrilling adventures alongside this mischievous, lovable, and utterly unique feline companion! All ready the pre-orders are growing at an awesome rate!

Yes you might meet the Gherkin of Knowledge known to all as “PICKLE”

Once more, embark on the thrilling journey alongside the world’s greatest adventurer as he sets forth on his Quest to find his mother. In a world teeming with pirates, enigmatic signs of life, ruthless gangsters, and a formidable dragon, every step is fraught with danger and intrigue. Join him as he unravels the mysteries of this vibrant and perilous realm, where every twist and turn brings him closer to the truth he seeks. Will the Magic Pencil really help?

Great comics coming very soon, preorder or out now!

TORN #3 Available now!

VEX #3 PreOrder NOW!

Bland! #1 in shop while stocks last. Going quick!

Worlds Within #4 out now at various comic shops around Australia.

TORN #37 special pre-release in the REVERIE shop now!

The Great Australian REVERIE Anthology returns August 2024!


For years, one anthology has consistently stood out in Australia: REVERIE: AUSTRALIA’S FAVOURITE COMICS ANTHOLOGY. Featuring the works of some of Australia’s most talented creatives, its pages showcase exceptional artistry and storytelling.

We’re thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of REVERIE #4 in August 2024. Make sure to add this essential Australian comic to your collection.

 This issue features a cover by Jeremy Macpherson and many other creative talents.